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10 Tips For The Elderly's Health.

In the beginning of each year, people will set a series of plans. To the elderly, health programs are of great importance, actually. An authorized institution founded for healthy living - the United States elder Association, set out a new year health program for the elderly. In the program, the top health experts put forward to the elderly a 10-point proposal, you will certainly be able to harvest a healthy 2009 as long as you insist.

1. Coarse grains, fruits and vegetables dominate

You are supposed to take more fresh fruits and vegetables, the total amount will be 1 / 3 of food you eat per day, dark-colored fruits and vegetables are better; eat more coarse grains; more fish, less red meat are recommended ; drink more yoga and milk to make bones stronger.

2. Multi-vitamin supplement

You shall pay more attention to the food labels, select those containing more vitamins and minerals.

3. Regular medical check-up

To maintain a good health, prevention is the key, you shall see the doctor regularly at least once a year.

4. Diligent in sport

Sport is more crucial for the elderly. Some aerobic exercises, including walking, cycling, swimming, dancing and gardening are recommended, 30 minutes a day is better.

5. Moderate alcohol consumption

An Elder man is supposed to drink no more than 30 grams, or red wine not over 180 grams, or beer not exceeding 360 grams. Elder Women's consumption is cut down to half.

6. Beware of the danger of falling over

You should do more exercise to prevent falls, as well as enhance the physical sense of balance and flexibility. In addition, you can stretch your arms by using rubber band; you are also advised to seek medical consultation, make sure these drugs are increasing the risk of falling.

7. Do brain exercise

The more you use your brain, the more flexible it will become. You are supposed to read more newspaper, take part in the word game regularly. Join in the elderly club, which can increase the flexibility of brain.

8. Quit smoking

You will have a good breathing, vitality and sleep from smoking cession. If you take medicines when you keep smoking, it is necessary to consider the possibility of adverse reactions; If you suffer from diseases caused by smoking, then you must consult a doctor before smoking cessation. Some prescription drugs can help to stop smoking.

9. Try to communicate with others

About 1 / 5 of the elderly feel depression and anxiety. When you feel lonely, tired, loss of appetite, the attendant may be insomnia, worry and irritability. You need to seek help now, try to communicate with others, which helps regain their happiness.

10. Enough sleep every night

You are supposed to have enough sleep, not less 8 hours a day. Less sleep in daytime makes you a heavy sleeper at night.

Added: To the elderly wearing glasses, you should replace glasses every sixth month or a year since each pair of glasses has its life-span, a reasonable replacement can guarantee a clear vision field. It's convenient to use a progressive multifocal glass which makes sight change easily.


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